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Removing Lipstick from Spandex/Lycra

I have been asked on several occasions which is the best way to remove lipstick from spandex/Lycra, particularly light coloured spandex. This information is for spandex only, please read the care label first. If it is dry clean only, take the garment to a professional. Be very careful of any embellishments etc on the garment.

Lipstick is an oil based cosmetic and therefore requires a remedy to remove grease. I like to use mild liquid dish-washing detergent. The type that I use for washing dishes, so it is always on hand.

It is best to attend to the stain as soon as possible.

1. This is a lipstick stain on a scrap of white spandex Lycra. 

2. I simply add mild dishwashing detergent to cover the stain. I left the detergent on the stain for approximately 10 minutes

3. I then rinsed with tap water and pat dry with absorbent paper. It turned out pretty good.

I attempted the above clean just after the lipstick was applied to the spandex lycra. However, if you are anything like me, when my daughters and I get home from an eisteddfod/competition/concert, we are usually pretty tired and do not empty the costume bag until the next day. So, a lipstick stain could be setting undetected for a while. 

I repeated the above process after leaving the lipstick overnight. The lipstick was setting on the fabric for about 20 hours in total.

1. Lipstick stain after 20 hours

2. Applying a mild dishwashing detergent to the stain and letting it sit for about 15 minutes

3. Rinse with tap water and tap dry with absorbent paper.

 The stain was completely gone. 

I hope this helps you when a lipstick transfer happens. I can't stress enough to have a read of the care label first and be extremely careful of embellishments and decorations. Testing on an inconspicable area first is recommended.

Happy dancing




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